Rubber Horses is a gift to the playa and burning man itself. The lessons and ideas we learn and leave with are what's reflected within this project. Based on cleaning up what does not belong in nature -- living under the sky and in all weather -- and the power & ability of a community.

The following pics show the inspiration, process and finale... thanks to Burning Man for the grant, making it possible to take the steps to start. Thanks to all friends and family, from Burning Man, crazy New Yorkers, and Madagascar Institute that had come out to donate thier knowledge & time, chip-in & learn, leaving their intimidations behind, and helping this process along to its final destination...
i n ... s o ... m a n y ... w a y s !


Kudos to Eleanor, Eddie, Stacey, Splinter, Ben, Lizzy, Pheonix, Bill Fuchs, Bill, Raya, Scott, Craig, Ben, Marlene, Dan, Hackett, Anthony, Alex, Brian,
Diane & Dave, Rosanna, Lesley and Corey.

Photo below by Don Peck




History ------------------|Present|-------------------- Future